The idea of this company started by the second generation of booking agents in the Tebar family. When Claudia Tebar moved to New York City she started to hang out in the jazz clubs and realized that there are some young musicians that are really amazing! She had this idea of trying to book them in Spain to show these talented musicians to the people in her country. “Music students, young people, people that love jazz, but mostly new generations in Spain deserve to be aware of what’s happening in New York City. They need to know that there are people their age that play as good as the old famous people playing in the jazz festivals. I think this will motivate them to keep studying and try to be like them!” she says.


She then, introduced this idea to his dad Ximo, a great jazz guitar player and music businessman, and he thought the idea was perfect! Ximo is the founder of two big companies in the music industry: Tebar Asociados Music Agency and Omix Records [Jazz & Crossover]. So, using Ximo’s network/contacts Claudia will spread this amazing artists trough the world!


The main goal of New York New Music is to raise awareness in Spain, but also other countries in Europe, about the most powerful new generations created and living in New York City!!


We have agents based in The City that are very active in the jazz scene. They are looking for young musicians that already stand out by themselves and have their own projects or something especial or unique to offer.


“We always see more or less the same artists in the jazz festivals around the world. Artists very very famous. But, there are other artist that are also very talented and in our opinion, deserve a space in the jazz festivals too.” Claudia said.


So, this is a great opportunity for everybody to win! If you are an artist and want to share your information with us,  a jazz festival organizer who wants any of our artists, or want to organice a special event, masterclasses, workshops, or any other activity please contact us


Thanks for visiting our site!


New York New Music Booking & Management Agency

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