"... a sense of shared catharsis through music that is at once majestic, ferocious, and relatable ... the words “ecstasy” and “ecstatic” appear almost predictably, but sometimes a word is just right. Scatter The Atoms That Remain channel the kind of beautiful, disciplined intensity exemplified by late John Coltrane. This type of universal, non-denominational spirituality simply feels good."

- Jazz At Lincoln Center

Spirit and magic - what lies beyond mere intellect. The soul - the heart - the qualities that set us free ... this transformative power of music is what SCATTER THE ATOMS THAT REMAIN is all about. Music can open our hearts. That’s the purpose of this band. Our goal is to rest in that openness and let go. The more we practice this, the more our natural faith develops.  The music finds its strength in that.  That’s what we want to share.

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